Thursday, 4 January 2007

Nappy pics

These are two of the nappies I made last week. The one on the left uses a nappy pippa for fastening. This means I can fold the front down to make it smaller to fit James as the pattern I used for these runs quite big. It is green towelling lined with green microfleece to keep James' bum dry (and also solid poo doesn't stick to can just be shaken out into the loo...but you didn't really want to know that did you!) It has an opening in the back so that absorbant stuffing can be added and removed easily. This helps the nappy dry faster when washed. The one on the right has aplix (like velcro) fastenings and is made of two layers of hemp fleece and lined with microfleece. It's very comfy and absorbant so it will be used as a night nappy. The stuffing is a pad made from a microfibre towel and is sewn in. James wears either a large Motherease airflow wrap or a large cotton bottoms wrap with these.
Tonight he is wearing a pocket nappy that I must photograph. It needs no wrap because the outer layer is Malden Mills Windpro fleece which is water resistant. The lining is regular polar fleece. I stuffed it with a prefold nappy and a couple of microfibre pads. Fleece works as a good night nappy cover as it's comfy and allows skin to breathe. Also the moisture from the nappy can evaporate through it. Anyway, it's a cute nappy, I'll have to post a pic (along with the rest of the collection!)

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