Thursday, 4 January 2007

January Sales

This is my new desk top image which was taken a couple of months ago. I like the composition and it works well as I have the icons on the left and the finger is pointing to a widget type menu bar thing. Looks cool. Got a new PC so have no probs posting at home now!
Anyway, I did well in the sales this year, so I may as well list it all here!

grey wrap dress £5 (New Look)
teal polo neck jumper £4 (Ethel Austin)
black pencil skirt £5 (Asda George)
black panelled skirt £4 (Peacocks)
dark grey checked pencil skirt £4 (Peacocks)
black boatneck top £3 (Peacocks)
purple cropped cardigan £4 (Matalan)
black boots £19.99 (Clarks...reduced from £69.99!!!)
Also mum bought a black shift dress from Peacocks for £3 which she doesn't think will fit her so it will be winging my way soom with any luck!
James got a top in Matalan for £1 and some brown jeans from Ethel Austin for £4

With the exception of Clarks, you can see that I like the cheapy shops! The thing is, having shops likle Peacocks and Ethel Austins within walking distance is dangerous on my wallet, as a few quid here and there all adds up. Good job I'm back at work next week!

New Years resolutions are the usual to try and eat 5 a day fruit/veg, take more care in appearance (i.e. look less scruffy), work hard, be happy, sew more, do more artwork, look after nearest and dearest, be more organised...etc etc

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