Friday, 29 December 2006

Christmas update and pics to come!

Christmas has been and the flat is now overrun with toys! I went to my parents on Christmas eve, had Christmas day just the three of us, then boxing day morning at my parents then afternoon at Marc's grans. We had Korean food for Christmas dinner as it's my fave. What I really fancied was Japanese sashimi but you need really fresh fish for that and there's not much chance of that round here despite living on the seafront! I've not had a proper Christmas dinner for years as we always do something a bit alternative. We had sort of a Christmas dinner on Boxing day at Marc's grans, but nice as though it was, it was without cranberry sauce and gravy so it doesn't really count! I did have some turkey and roastie leftovers though at mums so I haven't missed out too much!
Anyway, I have been busy with the old sewing (still using Mums's just soooo nice!!!). I have made my sofa covers which look quite jolly. I also made a red tartan dress for Christmas with this pattern. I wore it with a black polo neck and black boots. I was sewing very late at night on it. At 1 in the morning I was tying bits of fabric around my waist to make a sash (like on the picture of the designer dress in the last post) but I was so tired by then I had to stop. It looks just as nice without a belt though. Picture coming soon I promise!
I have just made two more nappies for James using a free pattern from Ottobre magazine website. One is made of hemp with a sewn in microfibre booster pad and a green microfleece inner. The other is made of green towelling with a removeable hemp and microfibre soaker pad and also a green microfleece inner. To those unfamiliar with nappy making, hemp and microfibre are fabrics with good absorbancy. Fleece or microfleece is used to line nappies to act as a stay dry barrier to wick moisture away from baby's bum. So there you go. I have photographed them before testing them on James. I wish I had photographed all the nappies I made for James before they got faded in the wash. When I was pregnant I made a load of nappies and I used to spend hours stacking and restacking them in the bathroom as they were so cute and soft. I wish I had photographed them before the inevitable wear and tear after he was born.
Anyway, photos to come... I promise!

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