Monday, 18 December 2006

An update...coat and sofa covers!

It's been a long time since I updated because the PC broke down so I have been using my old ibook running OS 9 which has problems letting me access some web pages fully for some reason (something to do with Javascript). OH is installing OS X on it today so hopefully that will sort that problem out.

Anyway, I am updating this from work, so no pics today I'm afraid. I've completed my coat and worn it a lot. I'm very pleased with it. It was well worth all the extra time spent on the little details such as the bound button holes. The collar looks a bit big, but the retro look is still in so that doesn't matter too much! I'm so pleased to be able to wear a coat that only cost £25 to make. Even the cheap coats in the shops at the moment start at about £50.

I wore my coat last weekend on my two trips to Manchester. On Saturday I went by myself on a Primark-Abakans run! I bought fabric for the sofa covers. I bought 26m of orange upholstery weight chenille for 75p a metre, and I was only charged for 22m! needless to say, I chose the fabric for the price not necessarily the colour!

I then had to carry all that fabric home on the train. Don't ask how I managed to walk with it from the shop to the station, it's a bit of a blur to be honest! Put it this way, it was bloomin heavy and damn awkward to carry. The poor lad in the shop had a job folding it then put it in the thinnest bag imaginable.

Anyway, I have started the sofa covers using my mums brother sewing machine which is a whizz compared to mine. Multiple layers of upholstery fabric not a problem fro this machine! They covers are not turning out as fitted as I expected them too but at least they're better than what I had on the sofas in the first place.

I also bought a couple of metres of red tartan dress weight wool as I want to make a dress similar to the one pictured above for Christmas!

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