Thursday, 26 October 2006


Feeling a bit tired as I have just been typing up a load of ebay listings, which is a very tedious job! Today I sorted out the fabric stash and have a bag of scraps to get rid of and some bigger bits to ebay. I am ebaying some lovely fabric which I really like but I can't see myself ever using!
I have to make room for more fabric of course.
I cycled into Lancaster today (yes in this weather!) to pick up my sofa cover pattern and it STILL hadn't arrived. I did have a good look at the wool coat fabrics in there though as I am going to make a coat! There was some lovely dark purple wool which I quite like, but to be quite honest, I am looking for something a bit more wow, such as bright red or checks. If I am going to go to the effort of making a coat then it has to be a statement piece or I may as well just buy a coat from Asda! (although there are some very nice coats in Asda at the moment, including a bright red one)
The picture shows a piece of fabric I am ebaying, some stretch cotton which is pink on one side, purple on the other...a lovely piece but I just don't wear those colours anymore, so I can't justify keeping it.

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