Saturday, 4 November 2006

Coat fabric and shrimps!

A strange title for a post I know!

I got paid this week (hurray!) so indulged in some fabric shopping. I bought some aubergine coloured wool coating and some grey tweed for a jacket. The coat fabric is for Burda 8124
I cut out the lining this evening out of wine coloured satin. I also bought some buttons which are two tone burgundy/blackish purple. They blend in well. I'm going to attempt bound buttonholes on this coat because my machine is rubbish at normal buttonholes and I want this coat to look well made. I will definately practice them first! The only problem is that my copy of the pattern has a major misprint and has completely wrong illustrations on the second page of the instructions! I may have to write to Burda, although I feel fairly confident that I could wing it with the help of my sewing books. I've sewn princess seamed jackets before but I've never included pockets in the seams so I'll need to look up a technique for that.
I picked up the sofa cover pattern and it looks very easy. I measured my sofa and arm chair to determine the yardage and I need 20m of fabric! The length my mum gave me is only 14.75m. There is no way I could cut corners so it looks as if I'll have to go to Standfast and see if they have any fabric for a £1 a metre (as that's all I can afford!). It's a shame as the stuff mum gave me was upholstery quality that probably cost more than £1 a metre. Oh well. I'll probably have to buy different cushion fabric as well, depending on what I can pick up for the covers. I may leave that project for a few weeks and concentrate on my coat and jacket projects.
Now onto something different. I'm not the worlds greatest cook but today I actually followed a recipe with success that wasn't a baking recipe ;) I made devilled shrimps. I bought the shrimps from a local fish shop that sells shrimps caught in Morecambe Bay. My flat overlooks the sea and you can see the shrimping boats going out to sea. Anyway, I fried them in butter and olive oil with garlic, cumin, paprika, salt and ground ginger and served them on buttered toast. They were delicious and a very posh lunch at that! We are making more effort to eat local produce in our household and so the next thing we want to try is salt marsh lamb (which is basically lamb reared on the salt marshes of Morecambe Bay). Anyway I could talk about food but this is mainly a sewing blog so I'll stop digressing now! I'll post pics of the coat fabric and coat in progress as soon as I can.

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