Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Hello there!

OK, so this is not quite the first time I have had a blog or online journal...but I'll do my best to keep this one up this time!

My name is Clare Anderson and this is my blog where I will be mainly posting about stuff I make...hence the title "Clare's Stuff".

My main interest is sewing, and I will be posting pics of stuff I've made, and documenting the progress. I have been sewing since 2001, which isn't that long, but long enough to get addicted! I love buying fabric and patterns, and every now and again I go on a sewing binge and sew lots of stuff very quickly, before having a haitus! I have been very busy during the past year bringing up a baby, going back to work, changing jobs and moving house and so sewing has been on the back burner this year, although I sewed a fab cap the other day which has hopefully started me off on another sewing kick again!

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Coach Keesha said...

Mant Blessings on your committment to taking up your passion for sewing. It's so important to keep up with the things that makes up smile, especially when we have children!

All the Best,
Coach K!

P.S. If you ever think about selling your stuff, let me know, I will help spread the word!