Wednesday, 1 September 2010

pump bags and school days...

school begins for my eldest tomorrow. The last 5 years have sped by in a blur but he's more than ready for school! I just need to sew him a pump bag for his PE kit. I know you can buy them for little more than a pound from shoezone and the like, but I wanted his to be mine was. My mum made mine for nursery when I was three and I used it throughout Primary education. It's one of my most treasured possessions. She made it out of black velour and appliqued my name and a flower in blue and green felt with a green draw string. I had plans for a similar style appliqued one for my son, but he may have to make do with a plain one. he chose the fabric though, a patchwork effect with pirates, penguins (?) and other nautical themed motifs. He loves it anyway! Well I must go and make it...I mean, how long does it take to sew up a draw string bag? theory!

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