Friday, 1 August 2008


I have piles of new fabric I must photograph and show off! I am on a mission to sew as much of my wardrobe as possible, as I appreciate stuff I have made myself more than cheap bits from cheap shops. Sewing is more creative, economical, eco friendly and ethical (I 'd rather be my own one woman sweat shop!). It's also more fun! I draw the line at underwear and socks though, and possibly jeans.
Anyway, I have already been planning my Autumn/Winter capsule wardrobe based on fave colours of purple, navy blue and teal. Got to get the rest of the summer sewing out of the way first though as I have a bit of a backlog...and home dec sewing bits to do. Too many ideas and not enough time as I am limited to sewing in the kitchen after little one has gone to bed and dishes are done... then I get sidetracked by the computer, and facebook. When I do do sewing it tends to be between 10pm and 1am which is not ideal really and I end up making silly mistakes!. Thankfully though as I have been off work for a few weeks my other half has taken number one son out to playgroup for a couple of mornings which has given me a chance to cut out fabric etc during daylight hours!

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